March 7, 2018


Students, please have all late projects handed in by Tuesday, March 13th. Grades 5-8 students.....please hand all works in. You have been reminded for the past few weeks and,again, by your homeroom teachers.



January 30, 2018




Homework: Grades 5 and 6how to use the color wheel to create colorful presentations 14 638

Due: 2/13/18

Complete your tesselations. Use complementary color schemes to create a pattern. Add markers details and extra value to each shape.










January 16, 2018


Homework : Grades 7 and 8



Luminous Circle Project

Due : 1/23

Complete your circle. Use white pencils or your transfer sheet. Add value on both sides of the hands and fingers. Shadow also, thickly, under the hand. Also shadow all symbols. 





January 2, 2018

Homework: Grades 7 and 8

Due: 1/16, 2018

Project: Luminous Light Circles

Follow the instructions given in class. You may trace 1 or 2 hand coming into the circle. Then draw symbols of things that interest you. Hobbies, sports, etc. all may be used. THEN, add value to each hand and symbol using your pencil. Decide where your light source will be (left or right) and shade accordingly.  During the next class, we will transfer your sketch to black paper and add value with white colored pencils.  If you have any questions, stop in and sluminous


ee me on 1/9. Have fun!








November 27, 2017

Homework : Grades 5 and 6

Due: December 5, 2017


MATISSESTOCKING 1 1abstract matisse style shapes ceramic ornament r9618accbd6404fe7a52922a5545eeea8 x7s2y 8byvr 324


 palette    Fall


Welcome to another year of creating!


October 17, 2017

Grades 5 and 6 

HOMEWORK :Due : 10/31

Inspired by Edward Munsch : The Scream

Color your Scream scene using colored pencils, crayons and markers. Be neat. Be vivid!

Use markers only in small spaces and for possible outlining.




September 12, 2017

Grade 8 Homework : Due 9/26.

Project: Lettering and Design

Complete your STAY CALM posters. Make sure you have correct spacing. Be sure to add images to your poster. Be neat and colorful!




 September 12, 2017

Grade 7 Homework : Due 9/26

Project: Moving Figure Composition

Complete your composition. Be sure to add a foreground and a background. Draw details in this artwork which would be surrounding you as you move through the action you are depicting. Be neat and colorful!