palette    Fall

2018 -2019

Welcome to another year of creating!



 Homework 9/11


 Grade 8

Piet Mondrian


Create 2 half sheet Piet Mondrian style art works.

Use only primary colors, black, and leave some spaces white.

Use colored pencils or markers. Each must be different.


Grades 6 and 7


Due: 9/25 

Wassily Kandinsky

Get to know this Russian born artist by rolling the dice and creating 4 mini Kandinsky designs.

Add color on the shapes and around. 

Be bright and expressive!


 Grade 5


Frank Stella

Due: 9/25

Use a protractor to create an abstract design similar to Frank Stella's compositions.

You may add lines with a ruler as well as circles. Color your entire project, including the background!