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Second Grade Class !
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                            UnknownWeek of May 21st:images

Unknown 3Our Classroom Corner: 

The second graders have been watching their bush beans sprout and grow! 



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Monday 5/21:

Math- Standards Practice Workbook pg 221-222

Spelling- Choice

Phonics-Worksheet pg 160


Tuesday 5/22:

Math- Workbook p 223-224

Spelling- Choice

Grammar-Workbook p 105

Wednesday 5/23:

Math- Workbook p 225-226

Spelling- Choice

Phonics- Workbook p 162


Thursday 5/24:

Math- Workbook p 227-228, study for chapter 10 quiz tomorrow!

Spelling- Choice, Study for test tomorrow!

Friday 5/25:

Read 20 mins each night and write a paragraph about what you read

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 cf66Test Schedule 

Math quiz on chapter 10 on Friday, May 25th

Spelling- Test on Friday, May 25th























scholastic Our Class Code: QJ6MB


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Spelling Choice Menu:

Select four different spelling activities to complete this week.

Remember to write the choice title in your notebook.


Rainbow Write

Write each spelling word  using a different color for each letter.

ABC Order  

Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.

Write in a Sentence       

Write each spelling word in a sentence. Underline your spelling  word in the sentence.

Pyramid   Write

Write your spelling words in the shape of a pyramid.


                          a n

                        a n  i

                      a n i m

                    a n i m a

                a n  i  m  a  l

Picture Words  

Write your spelling words and draw a picture of each.

Computer Typing  

Type your spelling words two times.                  

Vowel Search  

Write each spelling word,  circle all of the vowels.  

Bubble Letters  

Write your spelling words with bubble letters.

Rhyming Words  

Write your spelling words with at least one rhyming word next to them.

     Time / Slime




  • Students must be lined up at 8:10 am in the gym every day.
  • Dismissal is at 3:00 pm.
  • Late students must enter at the 43rd avenue entrance.
  • The After School Program is available.
  • All students must come to school dressed in the St. Bartholomew Catholic Academy uniform.
  • Gym will be on Monday. Children must wear the St. Bartholomew gym uniform and sneakers.
  • Please remember to attend Mass with your family on Sunday.cf56




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