Welcome to Ms. Lian's 4th Grade Class! 


                                                                                                   Important Reminders: 


Parents, for your convenience, please go to Option C to review your child's grades. Grades are updated on regular basis.

If you do not have access to Option C, please contact the office.


 *Starting this Friday, Spelling quiz will be Spelling/Comprehension Quiz. Your child will be tested on 10 spelling words. Your child will have a choice of writing it in a sentence or in a story just like for hw. This will aid in comrehension and getting your child ready for state testing. Testing strategies are taught daily.


Please make sure your child is wearing his/her proper school uniform (sweater included).

                                     School day begins at 8:00AM; Dismissal 3:00 PM

                                                       Attend Mass every Sunday

Gym is on Mondays- wear gym uniform and appropriate sneakers.

Art is every other Tuesdays.

Computer class is on Tuesdays.

Choir is on Thursdays.

 Homework Assignments-week of Jan 16

Image result for clip art free amrtin luther king

January is Black History Month.

We will be reading many Historical Fiction stories and Biographies.



Reading Log: read 30 min

Spelling words: collage, barbecue, glorious, strutting, skyscraper, flicked, swarm, giggle, newspaper, magazine, walk, work, take, care, different, something, seriously, pictures, project, model   

Bonus: congratulations

Spelling: 1-10 , 3x each

Math: 5.6


Reading Log: read 30 min. 

Language Arts: Spelling 11-20   3x each

Math: Review for test tomorrow ch. 5


Reading log: read 30 min

Spelling: 1-10 sentences or story

Social Studies: Who was Nelson Mandela? 5w's

Language Arts: Comprehension Handout

Math: Test



 Reading log: read 30 min

Spelling: 11-20 sentences or story

Religion: Complete the table: Good Conscience

Math: 6.1

Spelling/Comprehension Quiz



Reading log- read 30 min

Math 6.2


Please have your child practice regularly on: Mathletics and Educationcity.

Password and user name is in your child's hw. notebook.

Password and user id is the same for both websites.



* This website is subject to change