Welcome to Ms. Lian's 4th Grade Class! 


                                                                                                   Important Reminders: 


Parents, for your convenience, please go to Option C to review your child's grades. Grades are updated on regular basis.

If you do not have access to Option C, please contact the office.


 "Weird School" Contest, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to enter. We can win books for our class and perhaps a visit from the author himself!

To Enter: Entries need to be no larger than 11x14 inch paper and must include: cover page, student name, age, grade, teacher name, school name, school address, and phone number.

Send to: My Weird School Cover Contest

PO Box 714

New York, NY 10013

What are you waiting for my class? Get creative, get weird. We might win!!!!

Deadline: March 23, 2018

Gym is on Mondays- wear gym uniform and appropriate sneakers.

Art is every other Tuesdays.

Computer class is on Tuesdays.

Choir is on Thursdays.

 Homework Assignments-week of March 19

Important 4th grade NYS test dates:

ELA : April 11-April 13

Math:May 1-May 3

Science, Performance: May 23-

Science, Written: June 4


March is Women's Month. We will be reading and researching about women who changed or paved the way. We are getting closer to ELA State testing. In addition to reading comprehension, I will be focusing on writing (coherency, fluency, detail, conventions). 

If you would like additional testing information or to print out  previous tests, please visit EngageNY, type in 2017 or 2016 4th grade Math or ELA test.



Reading Log: read 30-45 min

Spelling words: glider, unstable, wingspan, applaud,

heading, assured, control, paper, successful, flying

machine, engineer, design, passenger, jet, plane balloon,

puzzle, tinker

Bonus: perspective

Spelling: 1-10 , 3x each


Math Test Wednesday


Reading Log: read 30-45 min. 

Language Arts: Spelling 11-20   3x each

Math Review Chapter 9



Reading log: read 30-45  min

Spelling: 1-10 sentences or story

Math Test


 Reading log: read 30-45 min

Spelling: 11-20 sentences or story

Spelling/Comprehension Quiz tomorrow

Math 10.1


Reading log- read 30-45

Math: 10.2


Please have your child practice regularly on: Mathletics and Educationcity.

Password and user name is in your child's hw. notebook.

Password and user id is the same for both websites.



* This website is subject to change