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all math students must have the multiplication tables memorized in order to have a successful year.


  Week of September 25, 2017


gr5 math

Mon Explain how you would multiply by 2-digit numbers. pg. 14-15

Tue Explain how multiplication used to solve a division problem. pg. 16

Wed Explain how using multiplication as the inverse operation helps you solve a division problem. pg. 17-18

Thu Explain how you would use the strategy solve a simpler problem to help you solve a division problem. pg. 19

Fri Explain how would use a numerical expression to describe a situation. pg. 20-21


Mon 5th-8th Computer

Tue Art/Language

Wed 5th Gym

Thu 6th Gym

gr6 math

Mon Describe how adding and subtracting decimals is like adding and subtracting whole numbers. pg. 17-18

Tue Explain why it is important to align the decimal points when you add or subtract decimals. pg. 19

Wed Explain how you would multiply multi-digit decimals. pg. 20-21

Thu Explain how estimation helps you know where to place the decimal in a product. pg. 22

Fri Explain how would you divide decimals by whole numbers. pg. 23-24

gr7 math

MonExplain how you would multiply integers and explain the process for finding the product of two integers. pg. 40

Tue Explain how you would divide integers, and explain how the process of dividing integers is similar to the process of multiplying integers.  pg. 46

Wed Explain how you can use integer operations to solve real-world problems. Explain how when you solve a problem involving money, what can a negative answer represent. pg. 52

Thu Explain how you can convert a rational number to a decimal. Tom is trying to write a decimal. He used long division and divided until he got the quotient, 0.0638297872, at which point he stopped. Since the decimal doesn’t seem to terminate or repeat, he concluded that 3/47 is not rational. Do you agree? Explain. pg. 64

Fri Explain how you can add rational numbers. Explain how you can use a number line to find the sum of -4 and 6? pg. 72


Mon Computer

Tue Art/Language

Wed Gym

Thu Gym

gr8 math

Mon Summarize the rules for multiplying powers with the same base, dividing powers with the same base, and raising a power to a power. pg. 36

Tue Explain how you can use scientific notation to express large quantities. pg. 39

Wed Describe how to write 3,482,000,000 in scientific notation. pg. 42

Thu Explain how you can use scientific notation to express very small quantities. pg. 45

Fri Describe how to write 0.0000672 in scientific notation. pg. 48

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