Please Note: The Homework below is subject to change. Please check your child's Homework Assignment Book Daily.

all math students must have the multiplication tables memorized in order to have a successful year.


  Week of January 8, 2018


gr5 math

Mon pg. 105-106  

Tue pg. 107-108

Wed pg. 109-110

Thu online assignment

Fri School Closed


Mon 5th-6th Computer 

Tue 5th & 6th ART

Thu 5th & 6th Gym

gr6 math

Mon pg. 97-98

Tue pg. 99-100

Wed pg. 101-102

Thu online assignment

Fri School Closed

gr7 math

Mon pg. 188

Tue Describe the steps you would use to write a two-step equation you can use to solve a real-world problem? pg. 189

Wed How do you solve a two-step equation? pg. 190

Thu How can you decide which operations to use to solve a two-step equation? pg. 194

Fri School Closed


Mon Computer 7th & 8th

Tue Art/Language 7th & 8th

Wed Gym 7th & 8th

Fri Gym 7th & 8th

gr8 math

Mon How can you represent and solve equations with the variable on both sides?pg. 200

Tue pg. 201

Wed How can you solve equations with rational number coefficients and constants? pg. 202

Thu How does the method for solving equations with fractional or decimal coefficients and constants compare with the method for solving equations with integer coefficients and constants? pg. 206

Fri School Closed

Please check website every week for online assignments: www.portaportal.com
Guest access: hharvey23 or you can just click on the link below.

5th Grade: https://www.thatquiz.org/tq/classpage?00712678abd6b09

6th Grade: https://www.thatquiz.org/tq/classpage?00701279cef6ce4

7th Grade: https://www.thatquiz.org/tq/classpage?00701369def6b91

8th Grade: https://www.thatquiz.org/tq/classpage?007024678ac6b90


January 2nd
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January 12th
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January 15th
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January 22nd