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all math students must have the multiplication tables memorized in order to have a successful year.


  Week of November 20, 2017


gr5 math

Mon How can place value help you add decimals? pg. 71-72

Tue How can place value help you subtract decimals? pg. 73-74

Wed How can you use addition or subtraction to describe a pattern or create a sequence with decimals? pg. 75-76

Thu School Closed

Fri School Closed


Mon 5th-6th Computer 

Tue 5th & 6th ART

Thu 5th & 6th Gym

gr6 math

Mon How can you plot rational numbers on a number line? pg. 61-62

Tue How can you compare and order rational numbers? pg. 63-64

Wed How can you find and interpret the absolute value of rational numbers? pg. 65-66

Thu School Closed

Fri School Closed

gr7 math

MonWhat process do you use to find the percent change of a quantity? pg. 144

Tue pg. 145

Wed How can you rewrite expressions to help you solve markup and markdown problems?

Thu School Closed

Fri School Closed


Mon Computer 7th & 8th

Tue Art/Language 7th & 8th

Wed Gym 7th & 8th

Fri Gym 7th & 8th

gr8 math

Mon Describe how you can use the information in a table showing a linear relationship to find the slope and y-intercept for the equation. pg. 138

Tue pg. 144

Wed How can you contrast linear and nonlinear sets of bivariate data. pg. 145

Thu School Closed

Fri School Closed

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November 2nd
Class Picture Day
November 4th
November 30th
Public High School Application Form Due
November 30th