Dear Parents,

Below are the links that will enable you to purchase the hardcover editions of the Catholic Bible and the Catholic Catechism at The bible and the catechism can also be purchased at Barnes & Noble and at your local Catholic bookstore. The links provided give you the information of the specific Bible (Revised Standard Version-2nd Catholic Edition)  and Catechism required for the 5th-8th grade religion classes.

 Week of January 16.

 GR 5 Religion and SS


Social Studies Test will be on Friday, December 15.


The test will be based upon Lessons 1-3, pages 52-75. Please make sure to review your classwork and homework.

The following is the study guide for the test. 


Study Guide:

(1) Olmec and Maya civilizations. How are these groups similar?

(2) Division of Labor. How were the jobs of men and women divided?

(3) The homes of the Ancient Puebloans.

(4) The imact of farming on the early people.

(5) The preparation of buffalo meat.

(6) The Iroquois. Which were the Iroquian groups?

(7) Language groups in the Eastern Woodlands region

(8) Theory about the migration of the early people

(9) The Lakota 

(10) Sun Dance

(11) longhouses

(12) The vocabulary word list used to prepare for last Thursday's quiz.

(13) The purpose of wampum

Possible Essay Topic:

(1) The Iroquois League. Make sure you know its purpose as well as who was Hiawatha and Deganawida.

(2) The governments of the Lakota and Cheyenne.



 6 SS

Test will be on Friday, December 15. Reread textbook pages 52-75.

Study Guide:

Study the vocabulary list you used for the quiz.

Study Chapter Review questions, classwork, and homework.

Cause and Effect

Parallel Timelines

The significance of agriculture

Catal Huyuk


Possible Essay Topics

(1) Civilization

(2) Specialized jobs and the people of Ur

(3) Jericho

6 Religion



Act of Faith Before Communion:

Lord Jesus Christ, I firmly believe that you are present in this Blessed Sacrament as true God and true Man, with your Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. My Redeemer and my Judge, I adore your Divine Majesty together with the Angels and Saints. I believe, O Lord; increase my faith.

Act of Faith after Holy Communion:

Jesus, I firmly believe that you are present within me as God and Man, to enrich my soul with graces and to fill my heart with the happiness of the blessed. I believe that you are Christ, the Son of the living God!





There will be a religion test on Wednesday, January 17.

Religion Study Guide:

(1) Study the notes on Purgatory.

(2) Study the Man and God worksheet. Review the questions on the back of the worksheet.

(3) Make sure to know both Acts of Faith for Holy Communion.

Key Concepts:

(1) Divine Providence

(2) Tradition

(3) God's perfections

(4) Inspiration

(5) Infallible

(6) omiscient

(7) omnipresent

(8) omnipotent

(9) infinite

(10) Purgatory


Possible Essay Topics:

(1) The doctrine of inspiration and the three elements of inspiration.

(2) Purgatory

(3) The four sources that help us to know about God

Make sure to know the Bible passages referred to in the worksheet. You will need a Bible and Catechism for the test.

There will be a Social Studies Test on Monday, January 22.

Social Studies Study Guide:

Study all the people and events listed in the "Key People and Events" list that is on the beginning of  each section of Chapter 5.

Study all your graphic organiers, word models,  classwork, and homework.

Possible Essay Topics:

(1) Declaration of Independence

(2) Patriots and Loyalists

(3) Benedict Arnold

(4) The Colonists' view of British policy.











gr8 Religion & SS
Religion Test will be on Thursday, January 18.
Religion Study Guide:
(1) Review the Eucharist worksheet. Study the questions.
(2) Review the Purgatory Guided Notes.
(3) Prayers for Holy Communion (Before and After)
Key Concepts
(1) Source 
(2) Summit
(3) Transubstantiation
(4) Sacrament
(5) Sacrifice
(6) The Council of Trent
(7) Purgatory
(8) Devotions to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist
Possible Essay Questions:
(1) Eucharist and Miracles
(2) Eucharist as Sacrament and Sacrifice
(3) Purgatory
(4) The Eucharist and the other Sacraments
Social Studies Test will be on Friday, January 19.
Social Studies Guide:
Section 1:
Pendleton Act
Sherman Antitrust Act
Interstate Commerce Act
Eugene V. Debs
Ida Tarbell
Political Machines
The Seventeenth Amendment
Section 2:
Jane Addams
Mother Cabrini
Mary Church Terrell
Frances Willard
Carry Nation
The Women's Christian Temperance Movement
The Eighteenth Amendment
The Nineteenth Amendment
Section 3:
Federal Reserve Act
Clayton Antitrust Act
Square Deal
Theodore Roosevelt
William Howard Thaft
Woodrow Wilson
Williams Jennings Bryan
Section 4:
Ku Klux Klan
Booker T. Washington
W.E.B. Du Bois
Plessy v. Ferguson
Possible Essay Topics:
(1) Roosevelt and Taft
(2) Booker T. Washington and Du Bois
(3) Progressives and Corruption
Saint Project Power Point:
Slides should include:
2-Feast Day
3-What is the saint a patron of?
4-Key Bible Verse that can be used to describe the saint's spirituality or key virtues
5-Catechism Passage that can be used to explain the significance of the work done by this saint.
6-Prayer to the Saint or Prayer by the Saint
7-If applicable, An excerpt from the saints writings
8-Images of the Saint
9-Information about the saint's country of origin.

Please check website every week for online assignments:
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January 17:

7th Grade Religion Test

January 18:

8th Grade Religion Test

January 19:

8th Grade Social Studies Test

January 22:

7th Grade Social Studies Test