Recommended websites for all grade are:  Students should be using xtramath website every day to increase their addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction skills.

Week of Monday 11/20 and Tuesday 11/21

1st grade:  Students were given index cards with usernames and passwords to  85% of the students were unable to log in successfully.  The period required teacher assistance in logging in to   Once logged in students were directed into ELA activities.

2nd grade:  Tuesday.  Second graders were shown how to create an label folders on the desktop.  How to find Microsoft workd, insert a header with a heading.   Utilization of the shirft key and accessing different characters on the keyboard such as :).

3rd grade:  Students can successfully log in independently into and put on to the 3rd grade activities.  Last 15 minutes of class were spent with

4th grade:  Tuesday.  Tested with basic computer skills.  Folder creation, Labeling folders,  saving a document on a correct folder, inserting a heading and header and screen shot and copy and paste procedutes.

5th grade:  Tested with basic computer skills.  Folder creation, Labeling folders,  saving a document on a correct folder, inserting a heading and header and screen shot and copy and paste procedutes.

6th grade:  Shown how to upload a folder into google drive.  Continued work with Excel and creation of a student diagram.  Labeling, borders utilization of color schemes in the cells.  Centering text on cells.

       Tuesday:  Foreign language:  Reviewed all of lesson 1 and lesson 2. Lesson 3 was done together and students went over on their own and made annotations of all lesson 3 in microsoft word.  Supplemental terminology:  Hello, goodbye, good morning, thank you,  your welcome, please, Im sorry.   Quiz on Lesson 2 on Tuesday Nov 28

7th grade: Continued work on Excel Classroom layout.  Students finished work in Excel with their classroom layouts focusing on excel features.   Those that finished work, were put onto, mathletics and

       Foreign Language:  Quiz on Basics Lesson 3 on Tuesday Nov. 21.


8th Grade:  Reviewing power point, animations and slides.  Inserting GIFS.  Animation Entrance, Emphasis and Exiting.

     On Tuesday :  Foreign Language Quiz, lesson 1 and 2.





Week of Nov 13-Nov 14.  (Reminder technology class only takes place on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Once a week for grades 1 - 8.  Foreign language on Tuesday grades 6 - 8)

1st grade:   practice typing with capitalization ( Caps Lock ) and alternating with lowercase.  75% of the class managed the exercise and moved on to practice typing usernames and passwords for and mathletics.   Practice of opening the internet via Google chrome and typing a web page also took place.

2nd grade: (Tuesday):  Review and typing of the week's spelling words ( serious, broken,personal, informs,heal) on a page on microsoft word. Students also practiced typing the names of the two websites: and Once completed students were allowed to loginto for Language arts activity one and two. Headset procedures were also covered.

3rd grade:  Students can now independently open microsoft word, typing and practice of usernames and passwords for  Majority of the class managed to practice typing in Word and to log in to

4th grade:  (Tuesday)ISSUED edcity/mathletics cards. Were shown how to do sound checks with computers, and put on Educationcity with headsets. Second half of period put on Mathletics.  Three assignments were issued in mathletics.

5th grade:  Recovering of created folders, recovering of documents utilizing microsoft word.  Learning to save in more than one location ( flash drive, student folders and my documents).    Work that is copied and pasted ( scores and results)

6th grade: Reviewed copying and pasting screen shots.  Reviewed inserting headers on word.  Reviewed saving documents to multiple locations (student folders and mydocuments/system folders)

                 Foreign language:  reviewed lesson 1 basics, lesson 2.

7th grade:  Went over saving document procedures in folders and additionally in "my documents".

                  Foreign language:  reviewed lesson 1 basics, lesson 2.

8th grade:   Submit Excel floor plan.  Typing  review of screen capture procedures.  Saving in multiple locations.

                 Foreign Language:  verified students have been saving their Italian terminology list in Microsoft word.  5 students absent quiz is postponed until next Tuesday:   11/21.  Quiz will be on lessons 1 and 2.  Test will soon follow lessons 1 -3