Welcome to Ms. Lian's 4th Grade Class! 


                                                                                                   Important Reminders: 


Parents, for your convenience, please go to Option C to review your child's grades. Grades are updated on regular basis.

If you do not have access to Option C, please contact the office

Gym is on Mondays- wear gym uniform and appropriate sneakers.

Art is every other Tuesdays.

Computer class is on Tuesdays.



 Homework Assignments-week of May 21

Important 4th grade NYS test dates:

Science, Performance: May 30

Science, Written: June 4



Reading Log: 30-45 min

ELA: Spelling words:coverheard, opportunity, border, union, strike, citizen, boycott, different, improve, visit, whisper, excited, promise, imagine, government, special, cousin, uncle, condition, huddle

Bonus: valuable 1-10 3x each

Math: 11.4    Test Wednesday



Reading Log: 30-45 min

Math: 11.5   Test Tomorrow

ELA: 11-20 3x each


Reading log:30-45 min

Spelling: 1-10 Sentences or story

Social Studies: Suppose you have lived through the War of 1812 in New York. Write an essay about your experience. You may also write it as a journal (3 journal entries minimum).  Think of your Mayflower journal entiries (Thanksgiving book).

Science: study water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, hail), runoff. Quiz Friday.


 Reading log: Read 30-45 min

Spelling: 11-20 sentences or story

Spelling test tomorrow

Religion: Project is due 6/1  On a construction paper or printing paper, design a mural or a collage to show the different ways we can respect and protect life 1) at home  2) school 3) in our community.

Then, write an essay (body, three paragraphs, and a conclusion) describing your artwork. Please edit and proofread your writing. Spelling and grammar will count towards your grade.


Reading log- read 30-45

Work on your Religion project. 

No School Monday.



Please have your child practice regularly on: Mathletics and Educationcity.

Password and user name is in your child's hw. notebook.

Password and user id is the same for both websites.



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