Dear Parents,

Below are the links that will enable you to purchase the hardcover editions of the Catholic Bible and the Catholic Catechism at The bible and the catechism can also be purchased at Barnes & Noble and at your local Catholic bookstore. The links provided give you the information of the specific Bible (Revised Standard Version-2nd Catholic Edition)  and Catechism required for the 5th-8th grade religion classes.

 Week of March 5.

 GR 5 Religion and SS

 There will be vocabulary quiz next week. Study the vocabulary words for Chapter 3: The Age of Exploration (Pages 108-141). Remember, it is possible that there will be no word bank on the quiz. 

The following week is the Social Studies Test. I will provide you with more information about the text next week.



6 Religion

 There will be a vocabulary test next week. Please study the vocabulary words for Chapter 4: The Nile Valley (pages 116-137). Remember, there might not be a word bank on the next quiz. The test will be the following week. I will provide more information in class.

Also, the Social Studies presentations will take place on Monday. If we have time on Monday, the remaining Noah presentation will also take place during this class period.


Act of Faith Before Communion:

Lord Jesus Christ, I firmly believe that you are present in this Blessed Sacrament as true God and true Man, with your Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. My Redeemer and my Judge, I adore your Divine Majesty together with the Angels and Saints. I believe, O Lord; increase my faith.

Act of Faith after Holy Communion:

Jesus, I firmly believe that you are present within me as God and Man, to enrich my soul with graces and to fill my heart with the happiness of the blessed. I believe that you are Christ, the Son of the living God!





 The Religion test will be on Wednesday, March 7 and the Social Studies test will be on Thursday, March 8.

The study guide for the Chapter 7 Social Studies Test:

(1) Key People and Events for each section.

(2) Reading Strategy Graphic Organizers

(3) Homework and Reading Check Questions

(4) Content Vocabulary of each section

Possible Essay Topics:

(1) Antifederalist Arguments

(2) The three branches of the federal government. Study how each branch limits the power of another branch.

(3) The Major Principles of the Constitution.


Religion Test

Study the 5th Commandment worksheets. I will also distribute the 6th Commandment worksheet.











gr8 Religion & SS
Debate Format:
(1) Introductory Statements
(2) First Reason 
(3) Cross-Examination
(4) Second Reason
(5) Cross-Examination
(6) Third Reason
(7) Cross-Examination
(8) Closing Remarks
(9) Q & A
Saint Museum Project Presentations will take place this week.

Please check website every week for online assignments:
Guest access: hharvey23



 March 16:

The Sacrament of Reconciliation